Grade Crossing Incidents -- Illinois

EDWARDS County -- 1998 and 1999

Ordered by county and date
Date TimeFatalCity NameStreet / HighwayHighway UserWarning DevicesCounty
InjuryEquipment OwnerRail LineTypeWeatherCrosssing
31-03-98 1010AM0BROWNSTR104TruckCrossbucksEDWARDS
1NS, FreightNS A, MP 135.90Train-VehicleCloudy724818X
07-04-99 0526PM0ALBIONFAS1884AutomobileFlashing LightsEDWARDS
1NS, FreightNS A, MP 133.20Vehicle-TrainClear724691L
13-05-99 0718AM1BROWNSTR104TruckCrossbucksEDWARDS
0NS, FreightNS A, MP 135.90Train-VehicleCloudy724818X

Fatal incidents are shown in bold. (1)

Source: Illinois Commerce Commission, Crossing Inventory & Statistical Information System v1.0 , Crossing-Accident Report for NOT Closed for Public (At Grade) or Pedestrian (At Grade) 01/01/1998 -- 12/31/1999 in Crossing County/Accident Date Order , 1999 CRASH STATISTICS ARE PRELIMINARY