Grade Crossing Incidents -- Illinois

GRUNDY County -- 1998 and 1999

Ordered by county and date
Date TimeFatalCity NameStreet / HighwayHighway UserWarning DevicesCounty
InjuryEquipment OwnerRail LineTypeWeatherCrosssing
10-03-98 0930AM0GARDNERJACKSON STOtherCantileversGRUNDY
1UP, FreightUP SSWNAO, MP 64.63Train-VehicleCloudy290521N
18-03-98 0455PM0MAZONHUSTON RDAutomobileCrossbucksGRUNDY
1ATK, PassengerUP SSWNAH, MP 62.70Vehicle-TrainCloudy290482A
22-11-98 0130AM0COAL CITYKANKAKEE ST.AutomobileFlashing LightsGRUNDY
0BNSF, FreightBNSF ATSFM, MP 58.32Train-VehicleClear004404J
11-12-98 0130PM1DWIGHTTR165ATruckCrossbucksGRUNDY
0ATK, PassengerUP SSWNAO, MP 70.52Train-VehicleClear290533H
02-01-99 1055AM0COAL CITYDIVISION STAutomobileGatesGRUNDY
0BNSF, FreightBNSF ATSFM, MP 57.97Train-VehicleSnow004403C
06-01-99 0600PM0COAL CITYKANKAKEE ST.AutomobileFlashing LightsGRUNDY
0BNSF, FreightBNSF ATSFM, MP 58.32Train-VehicleCloudy004404J
26-05-99 1245PM0COAL CITYJUGTOWN RDAutomobileCrossbucksGRUNDY
0BNSF, FreightBNSF ATSFM, MP 60.83Train-VehicleClear004410M

Fatal incidents are shown in bold. (1)

Source: Illinois Commerce Commission, Crossing Inventory & Statistical Information System v1.0 , Crossing-Accident Report for NOT Closed for Public (At Grade) or Pedestrian (At Grade) 01/01/1998 -- 12/31/1999 in Crossing County/Accident Date Order , 1999 CRASH STATISTICS ARE PRELIMINARY