Grade Crossing Incidents -- Illinois

ST CLAIR County -- 1998 and 1999

Ordered by county and date
Date TimeFatalCity NameStreet / HighwayHighway UserWarning DevicesCounty
InjuryEquipment OwnerRail LineTypeWeatherCrosssing
07-02-98 1110AM0SUMMERFIELDMAINTruckFlashing LightsST CLAIR
0CSX, FreightCSX A, MP 311.58Train-VehicleClear153019P
16-02-98 0100PM0NEW BADENRICHTER SCHL HSERAutomobileCrossbucksST CLAIR
2NS, FreightNS A, MP 30.98Train-VehicleRain724615T
26-04-98 0500AM0BELLEVILLECH 70 EXTTruckCantileversST CLAIR
0NS, FreightNS A, MP 18.79Train-VehicleClear904457T
29-07-98 0445PM0FAIRMONT CITYCOLLINSVILLE RDAutomobileCantilevers & GatesST CLAIR
1UP, FreightALS ML, MP 10.90Vehicle-TrainCloudy846955S
23-08-98 0240PM0BELLEVILLES 74TH STAutomobileCantileversST CLAIR
1IC, FreightIC G, MP 9.63Train-VehicleClear296029R
0UP, FreightUP A, MP 1.81Train-VehicleCloudy424757F
13-01-99 0735PM0BELLEVILLEN 3RD STAutomobileFlashing LightsST CLAIR
0IC, OtherIC G, MP 14.03Train-VehicleCloudy296052K
0IC, FreightIC G, MP 14.43Vehicle-TrainClear296054Y
24-02-99 1030PM0SCOTT AF BASESCOTTTruckCantileversST CLAIR
1NS, FreightNS A, MP 23.87Train-VehicleCloudy724605M
16-05-99 0930PM0EAST ST. LOUIS15TH STAutomobileGatesST CLAIR
0NS, SwitchingSOU VC, MP 2.28Train-VehicleClear724538V
21-06-99 0105AM0CASEYVILLEEAST O'FALLON RDAutomobileFlashing LightsST CLAIR
0CSX, FreightCSX A, MP 325.59Train-VehicleClear153049G
31-07-99 0345PM0BELLEVILLES 74TH STAutomobileCantileversST CLAIR
0IC, FreightIC G, MP 9.63Train-VehicleClear296029R
11-08-99 0535PM0BROOKLYN2ND STAutomobileFlashing LightsST CLAIR
0NS, SwitchingSOU VC, MP 56.04Vehicle-TrainClear724534T
22-09-99 1115AM1BELLEVILLEFOLEY DRAutomobileFlashing LightsST CLAIR
2NS, FreightNS A, MP 12.85Train-VehicleClear736074C
24-11-99 0210PM0ALORTONMOUSETTE LANEPedestrianCantileversST CLAIR
1NS, FreightSOU A, MP 7.26PedestrianCloudy724569U

Fatal incidents are shown in bold. (1)

Source: Illinois Commerce Commission, Crossing Inventory & Statistical Information System v1.0 , Crossing-Accident Report for NOT Closed for Public (At Grade) or Pedestrian (At Grade) 01/01/1998 -- 12/31/1999 in Crossing County/Accident Date Order , 1999 CRASH STATISTICS ARE PRELIMINARY