Grade Crossing Incidents -- Illinois

CSX Owner -- 1998 and 1999

Ordered by county and date
Date TimeFatalCity NameStreet / HighwayHighway UserWarning DevicesCounty
InjuryEquipment OwnerRail LineTypeWeatherCrosssing
08-06-99 0240AM0CLAY CITYTR332ATruckCrossbucksCLAY
1CSX, FreightCSX A, MP 236.82Train-VehicleClear152893C
08-04-99 0826AM0SHATTUCFERRIN RDTruckFlashing LightsCLINTON
0CSX, FreightCSX A, MP 283.36Train-VehicleClear152972N
25-08-98 0220PM0CHICAGO71ST STPedestrianCantilevers & GatesCOOK
1CSX, FreightCSX A, MP 22.96PedestrianCloudy163446G
22-02-99 1025AM0CHICAGO107TH STPedestrianGatesCOOK
0CSX, FreightCSX A, MP 18.47PedestrianClear163427C
12-03-99 0926AM0SO CHICAGO HTSSAUK TRAILAutomobileCantilevers & GatesCOOK
1CSX, FreightUP CL, MP 28.00Train-VehicleClear167493D
13-01-98 1109PM0NEWMANCITY LINE RDAutomobileCrossbucksDOUGLAS
0CSX, FreightCSX C, MP 225.80Vehicle-TrainCloudy154524M
07-05-98 0300PM0WOODLANDTR245AutomobileCrossbucksIROQUOIS
0CSX, FreightCSX L, MP 82.70Vehicle-TrainRain353632H
17-10-98 0145AM1BRIDGEPORTMAIN STPedestrianCantilevers & GatesLAWRENCE
0CSX, FreightCSX A, MP 202.43PedestrianClear152841K
07-02-98 1110AM0SUMMERFIELDMAINTruckFlashing LightsST CLAIR
0CSX, FreightCSX A, MP 311.58Train-VehicleClear153019P
21-06-99 0105AM0CASEYVILLEEAST O'FALLON RDAutomobileFlashing LightsST CLAIR
0CSX, FreightCSX A, MP 325.59Train-VehicleClear153049G
0CSX, FreightCSX L, MP 100.83Train-VehicleRain353671Y
15-02-99 0656AM0DANVILLEBOWMAN AVETruckFlashing LightsVERMILION
1CSX, FreightCSX , MP 123.35Vehicle-TrainClear353714P
05-10-99 1015AM1ROSSVILLEHENDERSON STAutomobileFlashing LightsVERMILION
0CSX, FreightCSX L, MP 105.04UnspecifiedClear353676H

Fatal incidents are shown in bold. (2)

Source: Illinois Commerce Commission, Crossing Inventory & Statistical Information System v1.0 , Crossing-Accident Report for NOT Closed for Public (At Grade) or Pedestrian (At Grade) 01/01/1998 -- 12/31/1999 in Crossing County/Accident Date Order , 1999 CRASH STATISTICS ARE PRELIMINARY