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Missouri Pacific Railroad

Reporting mark MP


The MP reporting mark (Missouri Pacific) has become part of the Union Pacific system.

Missouri Pacific 16441   Four-outlet open ballast hopper car   (3 photos)
Missouri Pacific (UP) 266757   Box car   (1 photo)
Missouri Pacific (UP) 375977   Box car   (1 photo)
Missouri Pacific 643597   Gondola car   (12 photos)
Union Pacific 721973   Two-bay rib-sided covered hopper car   (2 photos)

Thumbnail images with captions are also available for these 5 items.

The Missouri Pacific merged with the Union Pacific system on 22 December 1982. [source: The Historical Guide to North American Railroads, Kalmbach Books, ISBN 0-89024-356-5, 2nd edition, 2000]

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