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Rail Link 1759   GM EMD GP9 diesel-electric locomotive   (3 photos)

"RaiLink has/had 3 operations in Alberta and 2 in Ontario.  They were partners in 1 Ontario/Quebec operation (Ottawa Central), 3 Quebec shortlines (CBC, SCFQ, CFM), and a New Brunswick  one (NBEC) through part ownership of the Quebec Railway Corp.  RailAmerica has since taken over RaiLink's share in QRC." [source posting to LocoNotes email list, posting by Roman Hawryluk, Lachine, Quebec, Canada, 16 January 2000]

RailLink Canada Ltd., d/b/a RailLink Southern Ontario. RailLink Canada Ltd., Edmonton, AB. RailLink Southern Ontario, Hamilton, ON. [courtesy of The Pocket List of Railroad Officials, 2nd Quarter 1999]

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