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Amtrak Hiawatha equipment

Amtrak service between Chicago (Illinois) and Milwaukee (Wisconsin)

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The Amtrak Hiawatha train makes six round trips a day between Milwaukee (Wisconsin) and Chicago (Illinois), with only five on Sunday. The trip is 86 miles, and is scheduled to take approximately 1 1/2 hours.


Amtrak 90225   Cab-baggage car (former GM EMD F40PH locomotive)

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As seen in many of these photos, and typically, an Amtrak cab-coach car (nicknamed a cabbage car) provides a cab on the Chicago end of the train, with the locomotive on the Milwaukee end. These cabbage cars consist of a rebuilt cab on the chassis of an F40PH locomotive chassis. The train sometimes carries Amtrak express box cars, as did train #341 as shown on 27 November 1999. A friend's observation (February 2000) is that train #332 brings a box car southboud and train #341 brings it back to Milwaukee.

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