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Chicago & North Western 4141

GM EMD GP7R diesel-electric locomotive


Chicago & North Western 4141 GM EMD GP7R diesel-electric locomotive in the locomotive yard just east of the Locomotive Maintenance Facility in the Proviso (Melrose Park, Illinois) rail yard.

(CNW 4141, CNW, GM EMD GP7R, CNW locomotives, Locomotives, photographed on 26 September 1998 at Proviso locomotive yard).     Image size is available.

CNW 4141, model GP7, built 12/52, builder number 17620, acquired by C&NW in 1/81, previous road number RI 4466, C&NW paint scheme OY ["Old Yellow," pre-1981 with Railroad Roman numerals (i.e. Stagecoach yellow)], renumber planned to UP 433. [Source: The Final North Western Motive Power Roster. Courtesy of The Run of the Ge's, The Chicago & North Western Historical Society, Library of Congress catalog card number 95-83545, 1995, page 57.]

C&NW 4141: Builder's Date: Dec 1952, Builder's Number: 17620, as CRI&P 1289, later CRI&P 4466. Sold to Precision National Corp., Mt. Vernon, Illinois in 1974 or 1975. Leased back to CRI&P after being rebuilt for PNC on 4 Jun 1976. Upon CRI&P shutdown in April 1980, all units were returned to PNC. C&NW purchased 119 (109 GP7Rs and 10 GP9Rs) units in February 1981 from PNC, sending 61 older units to PNC as trade-in. C&NW In-Service Date: 2 May 1981. EMD GP7R, 45 units (4100-4144), B-B, 16-567B engine, 61:16 gear ratio, 1,500 horsepower, 256,000 pounds operating weight. [courtesy of Diesels of the Chicago & North Western, Paul K Withers, roster by Don Strack, Withers Publishing, ISBN 1-881411-07-0, 1995.]

C&NW 4141 was built in December 1952, GM EMD GP7R, builder number 17620, as Chicago Rock Island & Pacific 1289, later numbered as Chicago Rock Island & Pacific 4466. Purchased by Precision National Corporation, Mr. Vernon, Illinois, in 1974 or 1975, rebuilt in 1957 or 1976 for Precision National Corporation, and leased back to Chicago Rock Island & Pacific. Returned to Precision National Corporation after Chicago Rock Island & Pacific shut down in April 1980 and leased to C&NW, entering service in 1981. [courtesy of Union Pacific Locomotive Directory, Don Strack, Withers Publishing, ISBN 1-881411-16-8, 1998]

CNW 4141: yard switcher, EMD GP7, 1,500 hp. [courtesy of Roster of UPRR Locomotive Ownership, January 1, 1999.]

Equipment characteristics of CNW 4141: AAR car type D112 (locomotive), external dimensions (length 55' 11", width 10' 3", height 15' 5"). [courtesy of BNSF Equiptment Characteristics, October 1999]

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