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C&NW Standard box series CB120

CNW 715000-715346, 310 cars owned in this series in June 1995


Chicago & North Western 715017   Box car

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Standard box series (C&NW series CB120) (CNW 715000-715346, 310 cars owned in this series in June 1995, 12 cars on heavy bad order, 31 cars on medium bad order). Built in 1973, capacity 154, length 50' 7", width 9' 5", height 10' 11", door opening 10' 0". [source: Freight Car Situation Report, June 1995, page 2. Courtesy of Chicago and North Western Final Freight Car Roster, The Chicago & North Western Historical Society, Library of Congress catalog card number 98-073877, 1999, page 225.]

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