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C&NW Covered hopper series CL113

CNW 95650-95869, 188 cars owned in this series in June 1995


Chicago & North Western 95788   Rib-sided two-bay covered hopper car

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Covered hopper series (C&NW series CL113) (CNW 95650-95869, 188 cars owned in this series in June 1995, 4 cars on heavy bad order). Built in 1965, capacity 200, length 29' 3", width 9' 11", capacity 2600 cubic inches. [source: Freight Car Situation Report, June 1995, page 6. Courtesy of Chicago and North Western Final Freight Car Roster, The Chicago & North Western Historical Society, Library of Congress catalog card number 98-073877, 1999, page 227.]

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