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CP Rail 5410

GM EMD SD40 diesel-electric locomotive


CP Rail 5410 GM EMD SD40 diesel-electric locomotive leads a grain hopper train through the Northbrook station.

(CP 5410, CP, GM EMD SD40, CP locomotives, Locomotives, photographed on 6 February 2000 at Northbrook station).     Image size is available.

CP 5410 is a 3,000 horsepower model SP40-1, built in 1971 by General Motors Electro Motive Division. [courtesy of The Official Locomotive Rosters & News, James W. Kerr, 1996-97 edition, ISBN 0-919295-28-2, 1996]

Equipment characteristics of CP 5410: AAR car type D125 (locomotive), external dimensions (length 65' 8", width 10' 0", height 15' 6"). [courtesy of BNSF Equiptment Characteristics, February 2000]

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