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TTX (TTZX) 85320

Centerbeam bulkhead flat car


TTX (TTZX) 85320 Centerbeam bulkhead flat car in the Proviso yard.

(TTZX 85320, TTZX, Centerbeam flat cars, Freight cars, photographed on 28 September 1998 at Proviso yard).     Image size is available.

Equipment characteristics of TTZX 85320: AAR car type F383 (flat car), plate type C, tare weight 63,300 pounds, total gross weight allowed 263,000 pounds, load limit 199,700 pounds, external dimensions (length 79' 8", width 9' 6", height 15' 5"), internal dimensions (length 73' 0", width 9' 0", pool number 1,038,167. [courtesy of BNSF Equiptment Characteristics, December 1999]

Railcar fleet details for TTXX 85320: Flat Car, Mechanical Designation: FBC; Outside Length: 79 ft 8 in; AAR Car Type Code: F383; Outside Extreme Width: 9 ft 6 in; Outside Extreme Height: 15 ft 5 in; Height of Extreme Width: 2 ft 6 in; Plate Clearance: C; Star Stencil: S; Trans. Code: C; Draft Gear: 10; Tare Weight: 63,300 lbs.; Rate per Hour: 0.75. [courtesy of CSXT Railcar Fleet Details, December 1999]

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