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About Chicago.Railfan.Net

Ramblings by your host Harold A. Driscoll


Chicago.Railfan.Net   presents an eclectic assortment of photographs of railroad equipment and activities in the Chicagoland area. I've included what I liked, what I found interesting, and occasionally that which I particularly didn't like. Since I'm a fan of the Chicago & North Western railroad you'll find it particularly well represented in this photo collection.

Many railfan Web sites have a lot of photographs of locomotives, and this one is no exception. They are impressive, and they make particularly good photos. But there is a lot more to a railroad than just the locomotives. You'll find photographs here of many and varied freight cars. You'll also find some photos of passenger cars. You'll find a variety of maintenance of way cars. You'll find a few I particularly like. You'll even find photographs of the circus train.

It doesn't take long before many rail cars look very different from roster photographs taken by their builder. Many photographs in this collection were taken and selected particularly to show the effects of weather and abuse. Such photos may be of particular value to modelers interested in realistic weathering effects.

Railroads often run a number of similar cars on the same train. Over time, the cars tend to look much the same, and yet show distinctive differences. You'll find sequences of such photos (and I've more that I plan to add Real Soon Now).

There are now about a thousand photographs in this collection. I plan to add may more photographs to the collection as time and energy permit. All photgraphs have thumbnail images and standard-sized images of typically 600 pixels wide. About half also have large images (typicallly 1,200 pixels wide).

This Web site utilizes a custom-developed photo display engine to present hundreds of railroad-related photographs in a convenient-to-view manner. You'll find this collection quite easy to use. The Home page starts you off with several choices, and will get you off to a good start. Common links are provided in the upper left corner of each page. A New link displays recent additons. Help information is also available.

You might also wish to see the pages that discuss the history of this site, digital cameras used, and copyright information, for further details about this Web site.

This Web site remains a work in progress. I plan to add many more photos. Enhancements to the photo display engine are also planned. Please add this site to your bookmarks collection, and do return again soon.

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