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Ramblings by your host Harold A. Driscoll


This Web site utilizes a custom-developed photo display engine to present hundreds of railroad-related photographs in a convenient-to-view manner. You can explore in a variety of ways, so use whatever works best for you.

Each page has a list of common lines in the upper left hand ear. They allow you to return to the home page, see what's new, as well as select from several index lists.

The upper right corner (ear) of many pages has a small graphic. In addition to being decorative, you can click on it to view that photo and information about it.

The starting page, and many others present several small thumbnail images accompanied by summary information. You can click on that thumnail image to get more information, or view the photograph.

* When the summary indicates one or more sizes of photos, the image will take you to the standard size (typically 600 pixel wide) image. To view a larger image, click on the corresponding link.

* When the summary indicates a number of photos, click on the image to see a thumbnail image of each available photograph.

* When the summary indicates a number of selections, click on the image for an annotated list of selections. These selections might be a list of railroads, of types of equipment, or cars listed by number.

When you view a full-sized photo, it'll be displayed with information and links to related photographs. When more than one size is available, you can click on the image for the larger (or smaller) size photo, or on the corresponding link in the information panel.

Each photo is identified with one or more keywords. You can click on one of those keywords for a list (with thumbnail images) of related photos. When you are viewing one of a series of photos, you'll also see Previous and Next links near the bottom of the page. They allow you to page through the collection, much as you would through the pages of a book.

The right way to view the Chicago.Railfan.Net photo collection is the way that works best for you. There are a lot of photographs here. Some are easy to catagorize, while others present surprises.

On return visits, you may find the New selection (in the upper left ear) a convenient place to start. It gives you a list of recent updates, with hightlights and count for each date. You can select one of them for thumbnail images and summaries of the photos added on that date. Since new photos are immediately corss-referenced, you're free to explore however you desire.

This Web site remains a work in progress. I plan to add many more photos. Enhancements to the photo display engine are also planned. Please add this site to your bookmarks collection, and do return again soon.

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