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Photo display engine wish list

Ramblings by your host Harold A. Driscoll


The photo display engine used by this Web site is a technology that allows each Web page to be prepared for your specific selection. this allows many thousands of possible pages to be produced, without needing to prepare and store all possible pages on the hard disk of the Web server. This relieves constraints on the possibilities that might be presented.

The photo display engine is very much a work in progress. At the present time it has many of what I consider key features, but is hardly complete. Here is a Wish List of features I would hope to add, when time, energy, and creative juices are available.

Allow viewing a part of the collection, if you will, being able to select a corner of the collection, such as those photos taken at a location during a date range or of a particular topic.

General search engine   that could search the descriptive text, as well as keywords, topics, locations, and dates.

Text listings option   as an alternative to thumbnail images. This might be particularly useful when going through a long list of photos matching some criteria.

Internal code changes   to improve performance and robustness. A particular concern is to allow the size of the collection to grow without increased load on the Web server host computers.

Editorial improvements to the site   isn't about the photo display engine but how it is employed. Further proof reading, perhaps spell checking, and addition of commentary and background information would certainly benefit this Web site.

Correct HTML grammer   is generally present in the generated (HTML) Web pages. Some cleanup is needed, particularly for quirks of HTML (such as it not being able to count to zero, as in not allowing a table with no entries). Some extra code to humor such quirks would be needed.

I would welcome your email comments about the site, both about the collection itself as well as regarding the photo display engine and its capabilities and ease of use (or if you shudder find it not easy to use). Additions to this Wish List and well as encouragements to do particular items are also invited.

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