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Chicago & North Western 151

Bilevel commuter coach-cab

Metra 8700 has been retired, donated to the Illinois Railway Museum, and repainted into Chicago & North Western colors as C&NW 151. It is on display and operated at the Museum.

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Harold Kept many of his photos on sites which no longer exist.

Chicago & North Western 151 Bilevel commuter coach-cab on Station Track 2 at the Illinois Railway Museum (East Union), shortly after arrival, showing recent repainting.

CNW 151, METX 8700, CNW, METX cab cars, Passenger cars, Built by PS, METX, Ex CNW, photographed on 28 December 1998 at Illinois Railway Museum (East Union) by Harold A. Driscoll using a Sony Mavica MVC-FD7 digital camera [irm/1998/12/98c28g13.jpg] NEW 16 January 2000

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Synopsis: C&NW 151, Metra 8700: 155-seat 85' gallery coach-cab car, light weight 127,900 pounds. Built in 1960 by Pullman-Standard as C&NW 151, to Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) in 1978. Renumbered to Metra 8700. Donated to the Illinois Railway Museum in 1998. Repainted into Chicago & North Western colors, as C&NW 151. --had

Metra 8700, C&NW 151: Built 1959, 1960, Built by P.S.C.M.Co., Class: Two Level Coaches, A.A.R. Class PB, Light Weight: 127,900, Width Inside: 9'3-5/8", Length over sheathing: 82' 10", Width over grab handles: 10' &", Height-Top of rail to top of roof: 15' 10", Top of rail to top of Beacon Warning Light: 16' 4-3/4", Construction: L.A.H.T. Steel, Roof: Steel, Air Conditioning: Trane Co. 2 8-Ton self contained units ea.comp. with condensor, compr., evaporator and other necessary components, Lighting: Fluorescent, Truck wheel base 8'6", Total wheel base: 68' 0", seating upper deck: 61, lower deck: 94. [with floor plan and additional specifications] [source: Passenger Car Diagram Book, Reproduced by Archives Committee of the CNWHS, July 1998]

C&NW 151, Metra 8700: Bilevel car (flat side/painted), Numbers: 8700-8749, Type: Coach/Cab, Builder: Pullman, Built: 1960, Notes: ex C&NW 151-200. Cars Retired: 555, 7600, 7605 [...] 8700 [...]. Cars 7600, 7605, and 8700 went to the Illinois Railway Museum in 1998. [Courtesy of Metra Railfan Page]

Metra 8700, C&NW 151: C&NW numbers 151 to 158, PS [Pullman-Standard] lot 7002A, plan 53194, serial number PS60-1494-001. 155-seat Gallery Cab. Between 1960 and 1970, the Chicago & North Western railway ordered [from Pullman-Standard] a total of 231 bi-level commuter coaches in eight separate lots (twenty-eight 168 seat coaches, one-hundred-thirty-nine 161 seat coaches and sixty-four 155 seat coaches with contral cabs)[...]. All 231 cars were produced at Pullman-Standard's Worcester facility to plan W-53194. These cars were built using the Pullman-Standard girder construction with smooth sides painted in C&NW's yellow and green, and rode on 41-HL-11 (CIB) trucks. They were built for use with locomotives supplying head end power, with all mechanical equipment inside the car body except for the air brakes. All 231 cars became the property of the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) in 1978. [source: {The Official Pullman-Standard Library, Vol. 9 Chicago & North Western, W. David Randall & William G. Anderson, Railway Production Classics, Godfrey (Illinois), 1990]

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