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Metra Scoots (commuter trains)

The Chicago & North Western and later the Union Pacific railroads use the term "Scoot" to refer to a commuter passenger train.

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Harold Kept many of his photos on sites which no longer exist.

Metra 139 GM EMD F40PH-2 diesel-electric locomotive "Village of River Forest", Metra 134 GM EMD F40PH-2 diesel-electric locomotive "City of Park Ridge", Metra 162 GM EMD F40PH-2 diesel-electric locomotive "Village of Villa Park" and their scoots rest in the Waukegan UP yard on a Saturday afternoon. The two-track mainline can be seen to the right

METX 139, METX 134, METX 162, Metra Scoots, Waukegan UP yard, Waukegan station, METX, GM EMD F40PH-2, Metra locomotives, Locomotives, Metra, Rail Yards, CNW Towers, All Metra Stations, Metra UP N, CNW Stations, photographed on 4 September 1999 at Waukegan Metra yard by Harold A. Driscoll using a Sony Mavica MVC-FD88 digital camera [railfan/1999/09/99904352.jpg] NEW 29 September 1999

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The Metra rail system is formally known as the Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corporation. They have maps, schedules, fares, online ticket ordering, and some photos on their World Wide Web site at http://www.metrarail.com. Well worth a visit.

Bill Vandervoort maintains an extensive collection of Metra Railfan Pages at http://hometown.aol.com/metrafan/mainmet.html. Detailed track maps, historical information, rosters, and photographs are included. Lisa M. Schlottman maintains Lisa's Metra Pictures Web site with a delightful collection photographs and sharing of personal experiences at http://fly.to/metra/. Both sites are well worth a visit or three.

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