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Waukegan UP yard

Commonwealth Edison is the the electric power utility for the Chicagoland area. They own a large fleet of coal cars that can frequently be seen throughout the Chicagoland area, often running as unit trains.

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Harold Kept many of his photos on sites which no longer exist.

Looking down from the highway bridge. UP 8113 is in the center, with UP 2975 to the left and UP 1544 on the next track to the east. Commonwealth Edison 6301 coal hopper is in the foreground

UP 8113, UP 2975, UP 1544, CWEX 6301, UP, GM EMD SD90MAC, UP locomotives, Locomotives, GM EMD SD40-2, Ex CNW, GM EMD GP15-1, CWEX, Coal gondola cars, Open gondola cars, Freight cars, photographed on 4 September 1999 at Waukegan UP yard by Harold A. Driscoll using a Sony Mavica MVC-FD88 digital camera [railfan/1999/09/99904359.jpg] NEW 29 September 1999

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The Waukegan UP yard is located to the north of the Waukegan Metra station, with scoot storage tracks immediately to the east of the station.

UP 8113 was built in March 1997, GE SD90MAC (UP designation SD90/43M), builder number 966714-39. [courtesy of Union Pacific Locomotive Directory, Don Strack, Withers Publishing, ISBN 1-881411-16-8, 1998]

UP 8113: freight locomotive, EMD SD9043AC, 4,300 hp. [courtesy of Roster of UPRR Locomotive Ownership, January 1, 1999.]

Equipment characteristics of UP 8113: AAR car type D127 (locomotive), external dimensions (length 80' 2", width 10' 3", height 16' 0"). [courtesy of BNSF Equiptment Characteristics, October 1999]

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