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Grade Crossing Incidents

Railfan.net Hostmaster Note: We regret to inform Chicago Rail Photographs site visitors that Harold Driscoll passed away in June of 2000. His friendship, knowledge, and insight will be missed by many.

As a memorial to Harold this site will remain online. As Harold kept many of his images on some of his other sites many larger views are not available as those sites have apparently discontinued service. Also, please note that any email sent to Harold will NOT be answered as his email account apparently no longer exists.

As a major rail hub for the nation, Chicago is a great place to be a rail fan. You'll find a hopefully interesting and educational selection of photographs here. I've tried to select some photographs of general interest, some that only a railfan could love, and some with detail to tickle a modeler's fancy.

You can explore this photo collection in various ways. You'll find a number of categories and subcategories, illustrated with desctiptions and thumbnail images. A roster of all the equipment will guide you to photos of individual units. Shortcut links in the ear on the upper-right-hand corner of each screen provide additional tools. You can also take a random walk through this photo collection.

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Engineer's eye view coming into downtown Chicago on the Metra Milwaukee North and West lines. This route is also used by Amtrak trains from Milwuakee (Wisconsin).

Track, My Favorites, photographed on 21 October 1998 at Chicago Union Station north leads by Harold A. Driscoll using a Sony Mavica MVC-FD7 digital camera. [railfan/1998/10/98a21n94.jpg]

This image size is ( 600 x 450; 69 KB ).

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At present this site contains over 4,000 photographs. Each photograph has both thumbnail and screen-sized graphic files (typically 600 pixels wide). Over 2,300 photos also have a larger-sized file (typically 1,200 pixels wide). Since early 1998 I've taken over 40,000 railroad-related photographs using digital cameras, with that number growing nearly every week. I'll be adding more photos to this site, over the next few months, as time and energy permit.

YearThumbnail ImagesImagesLarge Images
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2000500+3 MB500+35 MB500+125 MB

NEW!   Illinois, alas, has among the highest number of grade crossing incidents in the country. A complete list of these incidents for 1998 and 1999 is available. You can select by county, rail line, year, and type of incident as well as sort the display several ways.

Photographs and text copyright © 1998-2000 Harold A. Driscoll, All Rights Reserved.