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TTX Fully-enclosed 89' 4" tri-level auto rack cars

Reporting mark ETTX


TTX (formerly Trailer Train) leases a variety of freight cars. This photo collection includes several types of TTX freight cars.


TTX (ETTX) 701567 Fully-enclosed tri-level 89' 4" autorack car   (Chicago & North Western)

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"TTX Company is a provider of railcars in pool service for use on railroads in North America. TTX owns four shops and has arrangements with numerous contract shops that perform program maintenance and modifications to TTX and non-TTX railcars. To promote efficiency in the industry, TTX also performs field maintenance and inspection services at a number of locations throughout North America. TTX is 100% owned by North American Railroads. Thus, these railroads are both owners and customers of TTX. Non-owner railroads have access to TTX railcars through interchange agreements between the owner and non-owner railroads. TTX was incorporated in 1955 as Trailer Train Company and began operations on St. Patrick's Day in 1956. It began with a fleet of 500 cars used in piggyback service.

"TTX provides railcars in several distinct markets. Intermodal, automotive, machinery, metals, paper, and other general commodities are carried in TTX equipment. TTX provides cars to railroads and assumes the risk of railcar ownership. When a railroad no longer requires the use of a specific car, the car is 'turned-back' and the railroad is no longer required to pay for this car. TTX also provides flexibility. When a car is no longer needed in a specific commodity service, TTX has the capability to modify the car for use in other markets or by other rail shippers.

"TTX owns over 115,000 railcars. Almost 48,000 flatcars are in automotive service, another 20,000 cars are in general commodity services, almost 13,500 boxcars are in the Railbox fleet, and more than 1,000 gondolas make up the total non-intermodal fleet. The remaining 33,000 cars owned by TTX are in intermodal service. Due to the fact that many intermodal cars are articulated (some over 300' in length), the 33,000 intermodal cars are the equivalent of almost 73,000 conventional 89-foot flatcars. Measured in these terms, TTX has over 154,000 units of conventional railcar capacity." [Source: FAQ at TTX Web site, February 2000.]

The official TTX Web site at http://www.ttx.com provides photos, drawings, and technical details of their fleet of cars.

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