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Metra UP West line

Chicago (C&NW Station) to Geneva


Metra has a map and information about the Metra / Union Pacific West Line at their official Web site.


Berkeley station

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Chicago Passenger Terminal   Madison and Canal Streets (Chicago, Illinois)

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Geneva station   328 Crescent Place, Geneva (Illinois)

Click image for a choice of 2 photos.


Metra West Chicago station   508 West Main Street, West Chicago (Illinois)

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Bill Vandervoort maintains an extensive collection of Metra Railfan Pages at http://hometown.aol.com/metrafan/mainmet.html. Detailed track maps, historical information, rosters, and photographs are included. Lisa M. Schlottman maintains Lisa's Metra Pictures Web site with a delightful collection photographs and sharing of personal experiences at http://fly.to/metra/. Both sites are well worth a visit or three.

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