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1 October 1999

Photographs taken at the Schiller Park Yard, Franklin Park and Bensenville stations, Franklin Park and B17 towers, and the Bensenville Yard.

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Harold Kept many of his photos on sites which no longer exist.

The Irving Park Road viaduct passes under the south end of the Schiller Park yard, viewed from the west. The "SOO LINE" herald can be read clearly on the bridge. The small park to the left provides a view into the yard and of passing freight and occasional (fast) Metra commuter trains.

Schiller Park yard (south end), Rail Yards, photographed on 1 October 1999 at Schiller Park yard by Harold A. Driscoll using a Sony Mavica MVC-FD88 digital camera [railfan/1999/10/99a01624.jpg] NEW 1 October 1999

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The Schiller Park yard runs essentially north and south and is west of River Road and east of 25th Avenue. The bulk of the yard is north of Irving Park Road and south of Lincoln Avenue. This former SOO Line yard is now used by the Wisconsin Central. It handles a considerable number of containers, as well as a variety of mixed freight. A few Metra commuter trains pass the yard (on the North Central line) during weekday mornings and afternoons, as well as both slow and fast freights throughout the day.

On the northwest corner of Irving Park Road and the railroad viaduct (underpass, subway) is a small park that provides fairly good views of the yard and passing trains. Do use caution to stay clear of the tracks, as both fast and slow trains operate, and the limit of the park (and the yard) is not clearly indicated. Parking is available on side streets just off of Irving Park Road west of the tracks.

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