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Chicago Rail Photographs


As a major rail hub for the nation, Chicago is a great place to be a rail fan. You'll find a hopefully interesting and educational selection of photographs here. I've tried to select some photographs of general interest, some that only a railfan could love, and some with detail to tickle a modeler's fancy.

Welcome! In this collection you'll find photographs of hundreds of locomotives and hundreds of rail cars, with over a hundred railroads and car owners represented. A wealth of thumbnails and links will guide you through the thousands of rail photos in this collection. Do enjoy your visit, and please visit again in the future.


Locomotives by railroad   Diesel-electric locomotives

Click image for 21 selections, with 1,320 photos available. Then choose a railroad, and then a locomotive.


Freight cars   A large number of freight car photographs, grouped by type of car.

Click image for 19 selections, with 3,616 photos available. Then choose the type of car, then the unit.


Passenger cars

Click image for 10 selections, with 346 photos available. Then choose the type of car, then the unit.



Click image for 11 selections, with 527 photos available. Then choose among stations, yards, towers, bridges, or signs, and then the place.


Metra commuter trains

Click image for 6 selections, with 902 photos available. Then choose among trains, locomotives, or cars, and then the unit.


Chicago & North Western   I've a special fondness for the fallen flag but not forgotten C&NW.

Click image for 7 selections, with 995 photos available. Then choose among C&NW locomotives, types of freight cars, stations and towers and yards, former C&NW equipment, and a list of C&NW equipment.


Circus Train   Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey & Bailey Circus

Click image for 11 selections, with 360 photos available. Then choose among the Circus Units or type of car, and then the unit.


A tall autorack car does not fit under a short bridge   Oak Park (Illinios), 25 October 1999

Click image for a choice of 45 photos.


Roster of Equipment by Railroad   Both railroads and car owners are included.

Click image for 8 selections, with 3,604 photos available. Then choose among several lists of photographed units.


My Favorite Photographs   There is something special about these photos that has tickled my fancy.

Click image for a choice of 26 photos.

Highlights of this collection include Chicago & North Western equipment still in C&NW colors, a wide variety of freight equipment, the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus trains, Metra commuter rail equipment, and of course my personal favorites.

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