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East Union

Illinois Railway Museum

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Harold Kept many of his photos on sites which no longer exist.

Metra 127 GM EMD F40PH diesel-electric locomotive "City of Glenview" loads passengers on Station Track 2 for its return trip to Chicago on a 20th Century Limited charter. A North Shore two-car interurban unloads on Station Track 1. The Depot on the rightwas originally built in nearby Marengo in 1851.

METX 127, East Union, METX, GM EMD F40PH, Metra locomotives, Locomotives, Places, photographed on 16 May 1998 at Illinois Railway Museum (East Union) by Harold A. Driscoll using a Sony Mavica MVC-FD7 digital camera [irm/1998/05/98516d24.jpg] NEW 25 January 2000

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