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Ramblings by your host Harold A. Driscoll


All photographs and text in this Web site are Copyright © 1998-2000 Harold A. Driscoll, All Rights Reserved   unless indicated otherwise.

You are welcome to view these photographs for your own personal use. You can use one as a screen saver image on your computer. You can print a copy and post it on your wall, use it to wrap a book, or even wrap a dead fish. They are here for your personal enjoyment.

You are welcome to link to this Web site. I'd suggest linking to the entry splash page at http://Chicago.Railfan.Net as that will remain the same. Since most URLs within the site depend on the keywords I'm using to describe the photographs, as well as how the photo display enigne works this week, I can't guarantee that any particular URL (within the site) will remain the same in the future.

If you want to publish any of these photographs, want ot include any of them in a book or Web site, for example, you'll first need my written permission.

If you've any questions, or desire reprint persmission, just let me know via email to chicago@driscoll.chi.il.us. Thanks, and please do enjoy.

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Chicago Rail Photographs collection updated 3 October 2022 at 22:09. Photographs and text copyright © 1998-2000 Harold A. Driscoll, All Rights Reserved. Email address is provided exclusively for personal contact, but emphatically not for use for SPAM net.abuse.